Want a navigator in your jersey pocket (or maybe attached to your handlebars) giving you turn-by-turn cues?

Starting in 2024, in addition to our usual course signage, we are making Ride with GPS (RWGPS) satellite navigation available for free to all registered Little Red riders. RWGPS navigation gives you audible turn-by-turn instructions on your phone, as well as information about rest stops.
RWGPS is not required, but if you are interested you will first need two things: a RWGPS account; and the RWGPS mobile app. Both are free. 
  • RWGPS account. Go to and create your Starter Account. 
  • RWGPS mobile app. On your Apple or Android phone, go to your app store, and install the Ride with GPS mobile app. Be sure you get the Ride with GPS app; there are others.
If you want to take advantage of full-featured satellite navigation, we suggest that you get the account and the app at your earliest convenience. If you already have RWGPS, you’re already half-way there.
About a month before the event, we’ll email all registered riders an RSVP link that will sync all of the Little Red routes with their RWGPS account. We’ll also include instructions about how to download and navigate the Little Red routes.
While navigating, RWGPS will sound out cues when you reach that point in the route. The cue for the next turn will alert you three times: soon after the last turn, a quarter mile before the next turn, and about 1/10 of a mile before the next turn. For example: “In 2 miles, turn right.” “In a quarter-mile, turn right.” “Turn right onto Main Street.”
RWGPS is not required, but we’re exited to offer this powerful tool to help guide you on any of Little Red’s routes.